Our Aims and Goals

The Shamrock Trust was set up to preserve a boat that is a unique survivor of the Belle Epoch on England’s largest lake – Windermere.

In order to preserve, conserve and use Shamrock, as she was originally designed and intended, a formal Mission Statement was incorporated in the Shamrock Trust Memorandum of Association.

For daily use it can be summarized like this:


Aims and Goals of the Shamrock Trust


We aim to share Shamrock with both residents and visitors to Windermere by the following :-

1. Keeping Shamrock in good and safe order, while preserving her original design and construction.

2. Steaming her as often as appropriate to her status as part of the National Historic Fleet.

3. Maintaining her presence on Windermere, in steam.

4. Promoting experience of this typical Edwardian craft and comparison with later developments in pleasure cruising.

5. Making an archive collection about Shamrock and her sisters, from all media, available to share.

6. To give all visitors access to the best information in a variety of formats and media.

7. Passing on all the practical skills needed to operate and maintain a steamer like Shamrock to the next generation of enthusiasts.

Please see the Statement below :-


General Data Protection Statement  (2019)

  1.  The Trust will only maintain such details as necessary for the running of Trust business  and communicating with Friends of the Trust in matters both legal and administrative.
  2. Access to any type of Membership information will be limited to the Secretary, Treasurer and Organiser of the Friends, or on a valid Need To Know basis to person/s within the Trust regarding the organisation of a specific event or carrying out maintenance on the boat, Such persons will be fully advised of their legal responsibilities in such a case.
  3. The Trust will not share information with outside parties unless legally required (for example HMRC relating to Gift Aid).
  4. The Trust will retain members' information for as long as active membership is held. Regarding non-payment of subscription, data will be held until after a second non-payment. Standing Order information will be retained until it has been established that payments are being processed by the relevant bank.
  5. Members may at any time request the removal of their data or may request a copy of it. Please contact the Secretary in writing.



Trustees (in alphabetical order)

Martyn Blackburn

Dot Bullough (Deputy Chairman, Fund Raising and Promotions Coordinator and Assistant Treasurer)

John Griffiths (Company Secretary and Treasurer)

Roger Mallinson MBE (Chairman and Boat Manager)

Greg Simpson

4 Vacancies


Other Officers (in alphabetical order)

Roger Calvert (Deputy Webmaster, Operations Manual Editor)

Peter Hammond (Deputy Boat Manager)

Helen Steeple (Webmaster)


Memorandum and Articles of Association

Articles of Association September 2020

Membership Classes 2017

Operating Documents

The Operations Manual is a work in progress. Please feel free to submit suggestions for improvements.

Operations Manual

The Operations Risk Assessment was compiled with the assistance of the Steam Boat Association of Great Britain.

Operations Risk Assessment