Shamrock in 1937

This film clip was taken around Bowness in 1937. It was provided by Mr Tom Marshall, for which many thanks. Mr Marshal identifies the people on board (mostly his ancestors or relatives) as follows:

“The people in the clip are Thomas Arthur Marshall (my grandfather) in the flat cap, John Bradley (his nephew) standing. I am not sure who the gentleman in the Trilby is. Bea Bradley (in the beret, John’s wife and Maria Marshall (my grandmother) in the hat at the stern then Basil Holton and John Bradley in the bow smoking and Marjorie Holton (TAM’s daughter) . My father was behind the camera. The small boy is Peter Bradley , John & Bea’s son. My family were mill owners from Morley near Leeds. The Morley trade was the low end of the woollen trade using reclaimed wool (Mungo) to make uniforms, overcoats, school blazers etc.”

The man in the trilby is sitting in the driving position next to the engine, and may be Billy Ashley, owner and operator of Shamrock (who is reported to have always worn a trilby), or one of his employees.